Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Work in progress:

These are some pieces I'm working on for Seminar. They are at varying levels of unfinished, yet they give a good idea of what I'm working towards.

Artist Statement: My concept began as a study of the struggle between attachment and detachment in personal relationships. It evolved into a creation of aquatic spaces meant to offer the viewer comfort and detachment from their personal troubles. My goal is to connect with the viewer through this shared comfort zone, where I sort out my thoughts on both attachment and detachment through the changes in force and movement of water found in nature. Since many of my thoughts are connected to Buddhist ideas, my work has taken on a role as settings for an abstract sort of meditation.

Most of these landscapes are created through three printmaking processes. Etching, Lithography and Monoprinting each lend a different type of mark to the work, yet all have a soft matte quality that I find is best obtained by pressing ink into paper. I want this quality because my work is more concerned with imagery than physical texture, though I do include visual texture. I also find the process of making prints to be cathartic because I use most of my body and concentration throughout creating and printing a plate or stone. Some of my work has been created outside of printmaking in order to address my own questions about presenting my spaces both large scale and in a three-dimensional state.

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